Here again..

inspired by the fact someone says they are following me!

Recovery Services – my little consultation business followed my receiving a scholarship to the Hazelden Foundation in Minnesota in 1990.  I left my nice secure job as private secretary to the Irish Ambassador here in Lisbon, and at 48, went  forth to re-train as a drug and alcohol counsellor.   My youngest son and I both got our American student visas at the same time!

My 18 months in Minnesota were life changing – I loved the training, the like-minded friends I made, the beauty of the lakes and the fact that in summer I could go fishing at 6am, the lake was  just outside my door, and then arriving at Hazelden at 8am often flushed with victory – 2 or 3 bream waiting in my fridge for dinner.   If I hadn’t been given, with no strings attached, funding from so many sources, I think I might have been tempted to accept the offers to stay and work there.   (lots to add here……)

Recovery – now takes another step – again in a different direction!    I came back from the States an enormous 110kg (what a country for delicious junk food!) – and have faced an ongoing battle with my weight ever since.  Until now!   I am finally on a path to a new way of eating that I trust will stay with me through life.   Now down to 83 kg and with another 8/10kg  to go find my energy shooting up, aches and pains from hip diminished, cholestrol and triglicerides back to normal,  I find myself confronted with doctors, nutritionists telling me how terribly bad this diet is!   Even telling them that once people thought the world was flat and new thoughts are always worth looking into – has not made any difference!

I am going to keep going…  soon!


Forgot I had signed up for this blog several years ago.    I love the way thoughts run through my mind.   Sometimes harsh, where I squirm remembering times when perhaps I wasn’t as kind or tolerant as I could be.   Often happy, satisfying thoughts bring a smile and I realise how very blessed I am and how often circumstances have fallen favourably my way.

Here I sit on the deck of my home.   The Winnebago practically hidden by the live roof and walled deck in front.  Remembering my eviction from my home of 37 years and all the angst and worry this brought.    So, surfing EBay, I discover a motor home, in England(!!) and put in a bid, and win.   Crazy!  How to get it to Portugal?   Then the sellers, a lovely retired couple, ask if they can bring it out to me so they can have one last trip in their much loved camper, and I only needed to pay gas and tolls.

This impulse brought a lot of excitement and anticipation, however also brought a very painful year as my daughter was enraged and we were horribly estranged.  She was unforgiving, and with hindsight I realise I was intrusive and tactless.  I live on my kid’s farm, my son fully supportive, but I didn’t ask her permission and can see how this must have looked to her.  Also I think she was fearful I would invade their lives.  She now calls me anti-social as she sees I prefer my own company to their many social gatherings!

I do hope I can re-write this when next I remember I have a blog – much to say, as yet unsaid.